An Open Letter To The “Pastors” and “Elders” In Classis NM

Note: I have been advised to tone down the invective a bit as my father still needs to be “approved” for ministry by the men to whom this is addressed. And indeed, based on their actions thus far it isn’t much of a stretch to think they’d use what I write as an excuse to further punish him. Thus I have made a few edits here and there, though I hope the piece is still just as strong. In their writings my father and sister have called these people on the carpet but done so in a fairly restrained manner. Between my youth and my Asperger’s I’m inclined to a higher degree of bluntness; note, though, that I don’t typically write or speak this harshly or with this much invective about people. It’s just that here I am, quite simply, fed up.

Also, I emphasize again, as I said in the second post script, that I was not put up to writing this.

And once more I say that if anyone in Classis NM takes issue with my statements concerning that group’s character as I see it manifested in their actions, then prove me wrong. Reach out to my father in real love and empathy, not just pious platitudes. Actually investigate what happened and what has been done with your approval. Agree to hold people accountable for abusing my father and then actually do the work to see if we’re right in saying he’s been abused. Show that you care about him, about truth, about justice, etc. enough to do a little work. Show me.


Dear Overseers of Christ’s Church,

I’ll keep this brief because you all seem to have very short attention spans. Well, maybe you don’t have short attention spans period, but when it comes to matters of truth, justice, and the integrity and purity of Christ’s bride, you sure do. If you take umbrage at my saying that, then fine, prove me wrong. Read carefully the things my father has written, my sister has written, I’ve written, our friend the circuit court judge has written, and demonstrate that you’ve done so by actually responding to the issues and concerns we’ve raised.

I wrote an open letter to A. CRC a few days ago. I ended by reminding them of what God’s Word says about how we’ll all have to stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of our deeds in the body, the good and the evil (2 Cor 5:10). Well, guess what? The same goes for you.

You have been treating my father like a criminal. You’ve been acting as if he was under discipline. You have refused him audience, refused to answer perfectly legitimate questions he has, gone behind his back, given quarter to gossip about him, lied about him, prevented him from hearing what was said about him at a meeting more than once now and thus depriving him of the chance to answer the allegations, etc. Some of those—e.g., lying—are wrong no matter who is involved. The others are actions predicated on the notion that he has done something worthy of discipline, that he was fired from A. because of something he did.

The problem is that hasn’t been proven. Vague accusations were made—and then blown out of the water by both him and a circuit court judge (42), both of whom provided specific and historic documentation demonstrating the falsehood of the vague and unsubstantiated claims made in the stylistically pathetic Article 17 you approved last December. You were supposed to have read their refutations of it. You also know about the extensive documentation on my sister’s blog—she has spent hours and hours compiling material produced before, during, and after the ordeal of last year. Official correspondences and records, given word-for-word, and dated, etc. are all right there in contrast to the nebulous allegations.

You are accountable for my sister’s blog insofar as you know of it and know that it was made based on the conviction that the story you heard is constituted almost entirely of spin and lies. And you are certainly accountable for my father’s and the judge’s rebuttals to the firing document.

Nothing was proven regarding his conduct at A. Nothing. And not only that, but credible witnesses and members of the church hotly and with great precision contested what was said about him.

You ignored the protests.

You did nothing to investigate what actually happened.

You took for granted that Rev. Mayonnaise (21) was correct in everything he wrote.

You have since been treating my father as though he is a thug in need of discipline (contrary to the CRC Church Order which says that a pastor put out on an Article 17 is in good standing!).

If he is innocent of wrongdoing at A., then everything you have done is unjust and abusive. If there is even a chance that he is innocent, everything you have done is unjust and abusive unless and until he’s actually proven guilty.

You have been duly informed at length from several different parties now that a different version of events from the one presented you exists, and you have expressed no interest in looking into that. Thus, if he is innocent, you are piling up guilt and judgment for yourselves.

What you are doing, Classis NM, is wicked. It is willful neglect of the pursuit of truth and justice with the result that an innocent man of God has lost his house, his job, and quite possibly his career, not to mention his good name among many people.

Why are you doing it? Why do you persist? I can guess—last year you didn’t want to know what happened because you didn’t want to have to correct people—the bullies at A. and perhaps Mayonnaise as well—for their bad behavior. And now there’s that plus the fact that you’re all, and especially the Ogresight Committee (that’s what I call you and I came up with it myself!), invested in actions undertaken based on the narrative you were sold. You can’t allow yourselves to entertain the notion that that narrative was false because at this point you’re so doubled down in your position. You’re proud, too proud to admit that maybe you screwed up royally.

So your comfort and pride matter more than truth and justice, and more than the spiritual, emotional, and financial wellbeing of another pastor who is quite probably innocent of any wrongdoing. Shame on you.

Don’t you have any integrity at all?

Don’t you have any fear of God?

I’m inclined to say: no. All or nearly all of you have neither of those things based on your attitudes and behavior throughout all of this. Why seek out the truth if doing so takes work, right? Especially if the truth uncovered shows that someone needs to be reproved or rebuked. Heck, I think some of you (in particular, the P. CRC elder following this blog) enjoy the power trip.

Well, I hope it fills whatever void you have, BDK. And for the rest of you I hope the preservation of faux peace and good rapport with cool guys like Mayonnaise makes things nice and comfortable.

Because you’ll all stand before the Chief Shepherd one day, and then what will you say for yourselves?


Puritan Girl

P.S. In his communications with some of you my father has mentioned my intention never to enter a Christian Reformed church again. This is true. Your behavior has so thoroughly disgusted me that now the CRC represents nothing but politics, corruption, abuse, and oppression of the helpless (my father is at your mercy) to me. I am never going back.

P.P.S. You’ve probably picked up that I’m angry. Yes, I’m livid. But I assure you, these are my words and my thoughts. My father did not ghost-write for me (another slanderous accusation Mayonnaise made to you all last year, all the more disgusting because he repeatedly ghost-wrote for A.’s Council!). …Well, I guess I can’t take credit for referring to 21 as “Mayonnaise”. Trouble is, I don’t remember who came up with that. My friend from Alabama thinks he was the one who came up with it, but it may have been my friend from Washington or my boyfriend from Texas, too. All three have been apprised of the s**t you people have been pulling for a year now. And all of us have alternated between feeling anger and disgust on the one hand and wanting to laugh at and ridicule you on the other because your laziness and cowardliness make you all embarrassments to yourselves, to Classis NM, to the Christian Reformed Church, and to the Church universal.


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