Open Letter (pt 1?)

To the small handful of followers I have, especially those from a certain IRC channel who know me as “pegasister” and are somewhat aware of my recent experiences, the grief and trauma connected to our church and my father’s ministry–things have gotten a lot worse.


It’s no wonder that people make so much of man’s relationships with animals.  Cats, dogs, horses.  A dog is your friend, or it isn’t.  A horse trusts you, or it doesn’t.  A cat can’t be evil–it can’t betray you, it can’t disappoint you.  Animals don’t believe rumors about you.  They don’t sell their good opinion of you for an ego trip.  Once friends, they believe the best about you until you prove yourself unworthy, and some people have to prove that many times to disabuse dogs of their naive notions.

An open letter to a church:

I know many of you.  I thought I knew many of you well, and have called you friends.  3 1/2 years ago, I got married in this church.  All of you were invited to the ceremony; some of you to the reception, and most of you came.  That’s only one event of many I’ve…

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