Hello world!

Yes, “Hello world!”–I’ll go ahead and keep that title WordPress so kindly and creatively came up with for me.

My name is Emily, though in this space I’ll go by Puritan Girl. I don’t intend to pass myself off as an expert in the Puritans or anything, but I do identify with their theology.

At the time of this writing I’m 22. I just completed an Associate’s in “Science and the Arts”–that’s what the community college here in Northern Michigan calls it–and now here I sit, unsure what to do next. I’m drawn to history and also to theology; I’d like to teach, and I’ve been told I’m good at explaining things. But which of those two fields should I pursue? There’d be a wider market for me were I to go into history, given that I could then teach at religious or secular institutions. But I really, really love the Old Testament…

Complicating things is my Asperger Syndrome. I’ve been told I don’t seem autistic, because I’m so high-functioning. And in truth I guess I can act “normal” enough that only people who’ve spent an extended amount of time around me can tell that I’m not “normal”. But high-functioning autism is its own kind of challenge; because my handicaps aren’t as obvious, some might presume they aren’t there at all. I’m a good student and graduated “with highest honors”, but that doesn’t mean I’m proficient in all areas of life. I can interact easily enough in a classroom, church, or small group setting, but that doesn’t mean those interactions aren’t draining sometimes, and it doesn’t mean I’m capable of small talk in any setting.

I dread a lot of social gatherings. I hate it when people drop by unannounced. And that seems to happen a lot here, what with my dad being a pastor and us living in the parsonage. Sudden arrivals are tantamount to invasions. I want to hide, and if possible, I do. Also, I don’t drive. Driving is a frightening prospect as well. There are so many things demanding simultaneous attention. It’s overwhelming and stressful.

So: 22, Aspie, living at home. Smart but scared. I suppose I should feel somewhat pathetic to be in this place. But circumstances being what they are, there is no immediate or easy remedy. So in the short term, what am I going to do with myself? A friend suggested writing about the things that interest me–theology and the like. A while ago I wrote a short series on Tumblr about my readings in ancient philosophy, so it’s not like I haven’t done such before. And since I’ve got an awful lot of time of time on my hands at the moment, I might just get into a similar habit again. To that end, here I am. “Hello world.”